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    One of the great things about encouragement is that you don’t have to be brilliant to encourage people; you just have to have a heart for other people. Read More
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    Empowerment is not giving people power, people already have plenty of power, in the wealth of their knowledge and motivation, it’s about letting this power out! Read More
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    Emotional connection and friendship with each other are the two major keys to keeping a marriage healthy and strong. Read More
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The Road Christmas Gala

Come join us for a great night of fun, food, laughs, and celebration of a great year at The Road. Saturday, December 6, 6pm to 10pm

Tickets are only $15.00 per person!

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Lives Changed at The Road

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In September of 2006, I came to The Road as a last resort. I was in a battle for my life against anger and drug addiction, and I was losing. I learned tools and formed relationships that would ultimately lead to being set free from the prison of addiction and go on to lead the life I thought I would never have. The Road, and the people involved in The Road, saved my life.--Ryan Schwark Read More
The Road has been a life changing experience for so many people. Check out what these graduates had to say.   Read More

Life Enrichment Blog

  • Work-Life Balance in the Area of Family
  • Seven Simple Ways to Reduce Stress: Part 1
Work-Life Balance in the Area of Family   Relationships are woven into the very fabric of life.  In one way or another, almost everything we do involves contact with people.  Many of our decisions, moods, and desires are regulated by our emotions, the most powerful of which is love.  Love is what gives us the foundation to treat everyone with respect and compassion.  People deserve to be cherished because every human being is created in the image of God.  They are nature’s greatest miracle!  So let me ask you, How do you SEE people?  How do you SEE your family? Most people do not feel satisfied with the quantity or quality of the time they are investing in their families Read More
Seven Simple Ways to Reduce Stress:  Part 1   1.      Forgive others from your past and yourself:  Forgiveness is simply breaking the emotional bond that is tied to the person or circumstances that has offended you.  Forgiveness is letting go in such a way that the anger resulting from that offense no longer holds a person hostage.  Forgiveness breaks the toxic patterns of past generations and frees us from our past.  Visit www.TheRoadAdventure.org for more information.   2.      Eliminate worry and anxiety:  Anxiety is “a diffuse, unpleasant, vague sense of apprehension, often accompanied by autonomic symptoms such as headache, perspiration, palpitations, tight-ness in the chest, mild stomach discomfort, and restlessness, as indicated by an inability to sit or stand still Read More

What is The Road?

The Road encourages, equips, and empowers you to live life to the fullest through a series of interactive weekend sessions that maximize personal development for your life. Over 10,000 people have gained life tools through this organization to improve relationships, succeed at work, achieve goals, or just take your life to the next level so you can walk in strength and confidence.

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