Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Road?

The Road encourages, equips and empowers people to live life to the fullest through a series of interactive weekend sessions to maximize personal development in your life. Since 1998, over 10,000 people have gained life tools through this faith-based organization to help them walk in strength and confidence.

How long has The Road been in existence?

The Road conducted its first weekend seminars in 1995 and since then over 10,000 participants have attended and completed the weekend sessions.

Is this a Religious or Church related event?

At The Road, we respect you for who you are and what you believe spiritually in your life. Therefore, we do not push, cram, preach or manipulate any religious beliefs on others. We allow individuals to freely express how God relates to the games or drills, but we do not allow anyone to preach at others. We ask that everyone be respectful of the different belief systems of other people.

Many people come to The Road searching to have a better relationship with God. We have designed the games to help everyone find what they desire. Our program is very church friendly. As part of The Road experience, we spend about one hour dealing with spiritual damage caused by others.

I am currently in counseling, how does this compare?

The Road weekend experiences are designed to educate and empower individuals to enhance the quality of their lives and their relationships. The materials and tools that are taught can be a great addition to your therapy or counseling and many therapists have recommended the seminars to their clients after having experienced it themselves. The Road enhances the work the client does in therapy or counseling.

What is the schedule for each weekend experience?

All three of our weekend experiences consist of three or four days, approximately 63-70 hours of total session time for all three weekends . Beginning on:
Friday night at 6:30pm and ending at approx.11:00pm. The Release:Part 2 begins on Thursday night at 6:30pm and ending at approx. 11:00pm
Saturday begins at 10:00am and ends at approx. 10:00pm.
Sunday begins at 2:00pm and ends at approx. 6:30pm.

Can anyone attend?

You must be at least a high school graduate to attend The Road weekend experiences. There have been over 10,000 people who have attended and found tremendous value. Whether you are single, married, young or older, we feel that everyone can gain value from The Road.

Due to my military service I can come through The Road for FREE, how do I prove my military experience?

At the time of registration for the first weekend experience, you must bring with you one of the following: Military ID card, Veterans card, or a DD214 form.

Does the person with the military experience have to attend with the spouse in order for the spouse to attend for FREE?

Yes, in order for the spouse to attend for FREE, the military spouse must attend at the same time.

If I am divorced or widowed from my military spouse, can I still attend The Road under the Military for FREE initiative?

The short answer is no. The Military for FREE initiative was designed and created for those who are currently married or are living to benefit from The Road experience.

Can I bring my spouse or significant other?

Yes, it is a tremendous experience to be able to participate in The Road with your spouse or significant other. If your spouse does not want to attend we suggest that you attend and gain the value of the weekend experiences for yourself.

Why should I attend The Road weekend experiences?

Every individual person gains something different from The Road, because we are each unique at different levels of growth and maturity. The weekends are designed to support each individual right where they are at in their lives currently. Some common benefits you may expect to attain through the Road include:

  • Learning to effectively communicate at every relationship level
  • Gaining the ability to accept new challenges and step out in confidence
  • Identifying hidden dreams and then learn how to pursue & achieve them
  • Finding life purpose and then living it out with strength, confidence, peace and joy
  • Learning how to hold yourself and others accountable to promote mutual success
  • Finding healing for past wounds
  • Learning to believe in yourself resulting in increased esteem and worth
  • Finding effective ways to turn your life’s negatives into positives
  • Identifying beliefs and behaviors that promote and impede your success
  • Feeling empowered to meet challenges and take the risks necessary to create success in your business and personal life
  • Learning to give and receive support in such a way that everyone wins
  • Identifying unique giftedness and inner strengths in yourself and others
  • Learning to create the kinds of relationships you have always dreamed of
  • Finding out who you REALLY ARE and learning to live the new "YOU" in strength and confidence.

What Are the Weekend Fees?

The first three day weekend experience is valued at $249.00. We are currently offering a discounted rate, so you can attend the first weekend experience for $99.00 per person.

The second weekend experience fee is $349.00 to attend per person.

The third weekend experience fee is $249.00 to attend per person.

We do offer package discounts for married couples and for those who do purchase ahead of time more than one weekend experience. These prices are only available if registration is paid before the seminar.

When do I have to pay?

The Road fees are due in full before attending each weekend experience.

How often are The Road weekend experiences offered?

The Road weekends are being offered between six to eight times a year in our Richardson location

Do I stay overnight?

The Road is conveniently worked around most work schedules so everyone will have the opportunity to attend. There is no overnight stay.

After attending the first weekend experience must I come back for the very next second session, or can I wait until it is offered in some subsequent month?

We have found that our first weekend participants are excited to continue their Road experience and go to great lengths to continue to the next session with their friends and session participants. The Road staff highly recommends that you continue with the sequential weekend experience. However, if absolutely necessary, you can continue the process and journey at a later date.

Is The Road similar to other competitive programs?

Yes and no - What sets us apart from other so called "seminars" is that we teach the concepts in our weekend experiences to touch all learning styles. The Road is presented in such a way that each style of learning is able to relate to the material. We use a wide range of learning methods such as:

  • Small Groups
  • Large Groups
  • Visualization
  • Games
  • Drills
  • Interactive learning sessions
  • Lots of music

We present each concept in lecture form (auditory learner), in visual form (visual learner) combined with an exercise to practice what the participant has learned (hands-on learner). In doing this, the participant walks away with more than a textbook knowledge of the material; they have an intellectual, physical knowledge as well as emotional healing. Many of the other so called “seminars” are more motivational in their delivery and more surface whereas The Road goes to the very core of your being. At The Road you will gain life skill tools that will allow you to take what you have learned back into your life and implement those tools in every area of your life.

My friends are so excited about attending and they want me to attend but they don’t seem able tell me what it’s all about, why is that?

Everyone who has attended the weekend sessions at The Road want you to have the best experience possible and don't want to spoil it for you. It would be like telling you the ending to a great movie before you saw it. So much of the learning comes from the experiences you have when you do the different exercises and drills, so telling you what the exercises are deprives you of the spontaneity and learning. Everyone is encouraged to talk about what they personally experienced and what they learned through The Road but to keep the exact nature of the exercises to themselves. We do ask participants not to share what another person experiences so that it creates a safe place for everyone to do or say what they need or want to.

How many people are in each weekend experience?

Each weekend experience is limited to 50 participants. Once we reach the limit of participants in a session, you will be placed on a waiting list or moved to the next available weekend experience.

I am in a serious dating relationship. Do you recommend attending The Road with my significant other?

ABSOLUTELY! We believe that if you are the "right" you, that you will attract the right person for you into your life. And if you are in a dating relationship, it is always better to know your own strengths, weaknesses and potential issues (as well as those of your prospective mate) BEFORE you make the relationship permanent.

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