The  Road Toolbox

        How would you like to have a product that would remind you of The Road tools everyday


Now you can with The Road Toolbox!  

*  This is a small, wooden toolbox to hold your Road tools, similar to a business card holder

*   It holds a total 33 cards

*   A tool is described on the front of each card with scripture to encourage written on the back

*   The cards are premium glossy business cards, high quality, and durable

*   There are cards included where you can record your contract and your stretch song

*   A Great way to advertise and market The Road when people see them and ask questions

*    Every alumni needs a Road Toolbox to keep them equipped each and every day

*    ONLY color available is Blue

The Road Toolbox is $25.00 which includes shipping & handling.  





The Pastor's Dilemma DVD

This DVD is available for you to give to your Pastor.  It's an 8 minute DVD that includes: Pastor interviews and a few Participants life changing stories - providing a GREAT way to help your Pastor understand and appreciate what The Road is all about.

The purpose of the DVD is to show how your Pastor through partnering with The Road can reduce counseling time, increase effectiveness, transform lives, and restore joy...

This is a MUST product for every Pastor or Church Leader!

Choose the quantity you want during the checkout process.


The The Pastor's Dilemma is $2.00 which includes shipping & handling.




The Road Book

Sharing Book

This book is a unique gift to hand to someone you love and care about. It's a way you can share that explains the who, what, where, when, how, and why about The Road.  So instead of feeling all the pressure to explain or appear allusive, now you just hand this gift book to people and they can do their own research.  It's an easy and effective way of sharing your excitement about The Road and encouraging them to experience it too!

The Road Book is a GREAT way to spread the word and explains much about The Road for you.

$3.00 per book or $10.00 for a bundle of 5 books.  Shipping and Handling is $4.00 for 1-5 books or $10.00 for larger orders.


Sharing Book