This program saved my life. I quit a 30-year meth addiction and forgave myself and my ex-husband. I got my smile back, and I laughed for the first time in 10 years!

Robin Eastman

The Road, for me, was an experience in taking my life to a new level of confidence and purpose. The tools I learned in this series of weekends have now become skills that I utilize…in some form or fashion…every day. And, they are applicable to every area of my life, whether it is in my marriage, my career, friendships, extended family, or volunteer work. I am more confident in any situation, and I no longer make decisions or choices based on fear of what others might think. I found my real voice. I can now live life based on the solid truths that I know about me, my strengths and my challenges. A joy and peace-filled day has become an expectation…not a surprise!

Scott Braddock

I came to The Road knowing very little about it. I decided to attend based on the testimony of a trusted friend. I had been trying to survive one day at a time following several significant losses in my life and faced yet another one as my marriage was coming to an end. At The Road, I found joy, confidence, forgiveness, and my purpose again.

Duane Kelley

As incredibly blessed as my life was prior to attending the Road, I knew I was not living my life to its fullest, lacking confidence, purpose, and direction. The Road helped me to identify and work through the fears, insecurities, and negative thought patterns which held me back. I discovered the truth of who I am, not the person others expected me to be. I discovered my life's purpose, which now serves as an anchor and guide in all areas of my life. This has enabled me to gain greater faith, joy, peace, and confidence which have improved my life and relationships far beyond what I could ever imagine.

Kirsten Johnson

For 20 years I wore a mask and didn't even realize it until I came to The Road. I was able to remove the mask and discover Jill for the first time and accept who I am. I was also able to let go of fear and control and gain true peace. Now that I have been given life tools I am able to live an abundant life, free of pain and full of hope & love. I can honestly say The Road has completely changed my life, and I didn't even think it was that bad before I came through. There is so much more to life, and it's available to you.

Jill C. Smith

In September of 2006, I came to The Road as a last resort. I was in a battle for my life against anger and drug addiction, and I was losing. I learned tools and formed relationships that would ultimately lead to being set free from the prison of addiction and go on to lead the life I thought I would never have. The Road, and the people involved in The Road, saved my life.

Ryan Schwark

The Road has led me to an abundant life of true joy, peace, and love. It’s taken me from the grief of all the losses in my life, including a child, and brought me to a place of joy, forgiveness, and purpose. I’m now living the life I was created to live and am blessed to be a part of a life-changing seminar where I see miracles occur before my eyes.

Monica Blevins

Before I came to the Road, I felt very 'stuck.' I couldn’t seem to figure out why I felt stuck in my professional life, my spiritual life, and my personal life. The Road helped me break down the walls that were keeping me bogged down, and break free from the things holding me back. It was the first time that I had truly taken time to work on me. As I discovered each link from the past and the way that played out in my everyday life, I was able to break the patterns that were keeping me stuck. Instead of just trudging through life, day by day, I now live each day in joy. I love being able to help others discover their uniqueness and their own joy.

Kelli Hayes

Being the youngest of three children, I was always referred to as ‘Jimmie and Elaine’s son’ or ‘Bobby or Tina’s little brother.'  I had no idea who I was without being linked to one of them. While attending The Road I was able to find myself. I found out who I really am and who I am supposed to be. I also realized that I was holding on to a lot of anger towards my father who had passed away 14 years before I attended The Road. I was able to let go of that anger as well as many hurts from the past so now I can live in freedom and live with true joy in my life.

Randy Cook

My husband and I went through The Road over 10 years ago after an 18-month separation. We not only strengthened our marriage, but we learned much about our hurts from the past that hindered us from healthy relationships. As we examined our childhood, we realized how much past issues were still affecting current relationships. We learned to love and forgive ourselves, and then were freed to love each other!

Millie Roberts

I went to The Road at the end of 1999 with the opinion that it would be “fun” and would give me the opportunity to meet some new people. It did that, but it also made me aware that I had some room to grow! I thought I was fine….I didn’t have any problems or issues….right?....No ‘blind spots?”  I quickly went through Parts 1 – 4 and found that there was some healing I needed. I also learned my purpose and how to combine that with my gifts and passion and later extended my ‘gifting’ into my profession. The Road changed my life. I recommend it to anyone and everyone!

Patrick Dougher

The Road has helped me to identify destructive patterns in my life that had me bound up in chains. I learned how to trust, and I realized that not every man in my life was out to hurt me; there are safe men. The Road showed me that I could trust myself to set boundaries that would help to keep me safe. I found a family of friends who have supported me through many devastating events in my life, both before and since the Road. I learned how to break free from the shame that was never mine to carry in the first place. I am now able to truly believe that I am enough, and I don’t need the approval of other people to define me.

Jennifer Burchfield

I was stuck in a major rut! My life had been a series of programs. …Try this program …try that one…I heard about The Road five or six years before I finally had enough and just decided to go. I just couldn’t shake the past and definitely did not want another program! The deciding factor was the number of people that had gone through several years before, and they were still walking without ‘a cloud hanging over their heads.' I went through in ’08, and I have never been so optimistic about the future in all my life! This program is nothing short of a miracle

Guy Sheridan

After almost 30 years of living my dream, being a wife and mom of four wonderful kids, I realized I had lost myself. My youngest was about to enter college, and I couldn't identify who I was, by myself, as a person. I had also lived my life feeling invisible. After my husband went through The Road, I decided to go too. I found out who I am, who I was meant to be, and that at almost 50 years old, I had a whole life ahead of me. This experience empowered me to be who I am and strengthened my marriage and all the other relationships in my life. I am no longer invisible and have a plan and purpose for life that I never imagined was possible. You can choose where you want your life to go and how you want it to be. It can help you make all the dreams that you have ever had come true.

Pam Sheridan

If a person is looking for that “light bulb” moment they will find it at The Road. I felt hopeless and unworthy when I entered the door that first night of Part I and left a different person with purpose.

Nancy Matthews

The Road has been a truly life-changing experience for me. God has transformed me from the man that I was to the man that He intended me to be. I have a new sense of purpose and am now equipped to walk down a different road.

Al Matthews

The Road allowed the true me to blossom. I will be forever grateful for the tools that I learned.

Jennifer Bautista

I have spent a good part of my time concerned about others' reactions to things I say and do…fearing rejection and wanting their acceptance. What I have learned is that I need to accept and love myself as I am…as God created me to be …and not to be concerned about what other people might or might not be thinking. In reality, people are more concerned about their own stuff more than what I’m doing.

Deedra Swan

What I got from The Road is that I have finally been able to forgive myself of my past and to face my fears.

Nate Couch

Thank you all for your time and the love you've shown each one of us this past weekend. The Road has been a tremendous experience for me. I realized in Part III how precious life is and how each day is truly a gift from God. My desire is to put Him first in everything I do and in all decisions I make. I am learning to see myself through His eyes, not my own. All thanks to God, The Road, and each one of you! God bless you all.

Ambrey Samples

I have a renewed sense of self-worth and my relationships in all aspects of my life have never been more meaningful and healthy. The program gave me a new maturity.

Tracy Long

I am truly blessed to have had the experience and knowledge to experience the Road.

Maranda Gillard

The Road helped me find the courage to step up and step out in life.

Tina Villarreal

A life-changing experience that will go with me for the rest of my life.

David L. Smith

The Road has completely changed my family dynamic that will be passed on for generations to come.

Matt Phillips

The Road is truly one of the most gratifying challenges I’ve made in quite a few years. The organization of bringing so many different cultures together for the common goal of bringing new hope in the future, healing, and forgiveness for ourselves and others has been a most rewarding experience.

Joyce Anderson

If you have not been through The Road and are serious about getting rid of the baggage in your life, I'd like to take this opportunity to encourage you to do so. I made lifelong friendships and use the "tools" every day to continue to broaden my life. The Road is a ride you will never forget.


I originally went to The Road to support my husband while he attended. While there, I came to understand how wonderful unconditional love can be and had multiple revelations about my life and its direction. I don't care what you're dealing with or where you start out. The Road will open new doors in your heart and free your soul.  It has worked countless miracles in my life and the lives of my family.  It is so wonderful to find peace and joy on such a grand scale.

Mary Weeks

My time at The Road marked the beginning of a new life for me without the chains from my past that I didn't realize were impacting me in the present. I never knew how it felt to be free, and I would never go back to my life as it was before The Road


The Road gave me a purpose in life and my family has a new husband and father now due to the Road.


The Road Adventure has changed my heart and my perspective of living.


The Road is one of the greatest things that ever happened to me. I was in grief, and it helped me find my own identity and purpose.


The Road saved me from a prison.


The Road has been a truly life-changing, freeing experience. The most incredible redirection of my life just when I need it most.


My life was status quo but The Road made it possible for me to start living!

Gaylea Lunday

I learned the art of forgiveness.

Chris Makar

I feel like the tin man and the lion in the Wizard of Oz. I feel awesome about myself - strong, happy, joyful, and the list could go on and on.

Kim Johston

The Road gave me awareness about life and the tools to do life. The Road helped give me my life back.

Nick Santos
          I have finally let go of the past, and I am free to live as the person I am!

The Road is the best thing I have ever done for myself ever!!

Elizabeth Gonzales

The Road has changed me inside and out. I'm no longer going to let my past bring me down, I am new and free!!

Adrian Greiner

New chance at life, freedom to forgive and love again. I have been saved and now will bring happiness to the world.

John Halbert

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